About us and our journey...

Mike, a Primary School Teacher in County Durham used his passion and knowledge of yoga to support children in his year 3 class.

There was a significant shift in behaviours, attitudes and Mike found that it gave a positive outlet to support children’s physical and mental wellbeing. What was great was that it seemed to have such an incredible impact on the children which needed it most.

The leap of faith happened back in 2018 when Mike handed his notice in and decided to follow his dream of teaching children’s yoga in as many schools and the local communities as possible. Thus, “The Yoga Mike Group” was born.

Covid was a challenging time for everyone and with schools shut, Mike had to work out a way to continue supporting children (and keep the business alive). The Online Hub was created as a way for children to interact with yoga and mindfulness which has created a great alternative to unhealthy screen-time.

Fast forward to 2021 and the business has evolved into Well Bee Group CIC. The decision to set up as a non-profit organisation made complete sense as it fits with our values. We now have 4 delivery specialists and support around 500-1000 children every week.

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Our Vision

Our Mission

"To captivate children through inspiring and memorable experiences so they feel empowered to make positive choices and strive to be the best version of themselves"

What we Value


Everything we do leaves a memorable experience with those we meet


We are responsible for how you (our customers) value us and we will always strive to better this


Relationships are forged through an authentic, human approach always


Dream big and then dream bigger. Don't be afraid to share these ideas with our team


Never lose sight of the value and mission as we grow. Remember why we do what we do and remind yourself of it often

Reaching our Goals in 2021

Children Supported

Board of Directors

Our Amazing Team

An unrivalled quality for children

Standards are absolutely everything to us. We ensure that our team is trained to a high standard and we lead with quality first teaching with care and consideration. 

All our staff are put through an enhanced DBS check which ensures that children are in safe and capable hands. We take one step further by putting staff on the update service which means the live status of an individual’s DBS can be viewed anytime (not everyone does this!) 

We have managed to attract a very diverse group of specialists. We have fully qualified yoga teachers, special needs coordinators and a bunch of ex-school teachers. We draw on each others wealth of knowledge so our lessons are fun, engaging and help children progress at the right pace.

Not many organisations can boast that all additional profits are put back into future projects and activities which benefit our core demographic – children in the UK. Not many businesses can say that!

To ensure the business is steered in the right direction, we have some incredible specialists on our board. We have a Head Teacher, a Community Centre Manager and an individual who specialists in non-profit organisations. We all have similar values and truly believe in what we do.

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